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.//. is a new global, virtuous, ethical, fair and PLAYFUL digital ecosystem based on Talkyt®


By having fun with the Talkyt, consumers reduce their waste while gaining purchasing power

What does a Talkyt look like?

The Talkyt is a physical object that invoke an instant application* called a Voice DApp.


The presentation of Talkyt appearance, use, benefits is reserved for investors that contact us.

*What is a Instant Application?

Like Apple’s App Clip (video above) or Google’s Instant App, our Talkyt open a Voice DApp : an instantaneous and decentralised voice application. It is the gateway to a NEW KIND OF FUN …

Let’s imagine for a moment that you walk into a café and notice that there is a long queue. Next to the cash register, you see a sign inviting you to skip the queue and buy your coffee via the café’s app.


First thought?


Let me tell you, mine would be, « I’m not going to install an app that will take up valuable space on my device. « That would then lead me to wonder what kind of data they’re going to collect about my life and then I’ll probably get spammed. No thanks. And all this just to skip a queue…

Avoid queues without giving up privacy

Instant applications are about to change the way you think, and; moreover, they are probably changing the way we interact with our environment using our mobile devices. They allow you to do « here and now » activities using your device almost instantly without sacrificing privacy or sharing your geolocation.

In the coffee example above, an NFCready® touchpoint will invoke a Voice DApp where you are identified using your mobile connection and can purchase using a voice e-wallet allowing you to complete your purchase in seconds, efficiently skipping the queue.

.//. is involved in a global movement promoting a more sustainable consumption model by facilitating product life extension and responsible blockchain-based circular business models. 

The talkyt enhances the circularity capacity of brands and consumer-product interactions.



  • Participation in the fight against waste
  • Increasing its purchasing power through its eco-responsible actions
  • Increase in the value of his inventory of personal items through better management of this heritage
  • Securing and simplifying business transactions with his personal data
  • Belonging to a new kind of social marketing network

For the BRAND

  • Increasing its turnover with the second-hand market
  • Better knowledge of an item’s usage
  • Building a perpetual, direct, real-time and trusted relationship with the consumer
  • Aggregating a community around the item
  • Challenge with other brands by proving the quality, durability of the item
  • Give the item more visibility
  • Exploiting a new acquisition channel independent of GAFAM

We give digital and voice properties to objects that are not intended to be connected to the network.


Voice exchange, an influential friend
Emperor Frederick II conducted a special experiment to see what babies’ natural language was. He ordered nannies not to speak to the babies in a nursery. No voice, no sound. They all withered and eventually died.

The voice is at the heart of life and sociability, it is an eliminatory or seductive factor when it is well used.

From a marketing point of view, the voice is a key element in the act of buying. The relationship with the salesperson, the exchange and the intonation of the salesperson can make or break a sale.

In a world where technology and digital are becoming more and more important in our purchases (100 billion Euros in 2019 in France, a 77% increase in 5 years), marketers have understood the interest in re-humanising exchanges with customers by integrating voice and classic sales codes into the customer journey.

Although only 11% of French people are equipped with voice assistants, 57% of them are ready to use them to make shopping easier (Havas/Paris Retail Week survey 2019).

A new digital ecosystem

With a vision to give every physical product a talkyt, or « soul », that allows all stakeholders to have fun, amio.world is launching the rollout of a new digital item-level ecosystem for billions of products and a new kind of social network.

The goal is to help create a more sustainable planet through money incentives while enabling brands to generate new revenue potential from reuse and recycling, whether extending a direct-to-consumer channel or entering into recommerce or peer-to-peer business models.

How ?

The client « TALKENIZE » * is article to build a world of positive consumption.



*TALKENIZE = Associate a TALKYT with an item


When the customer approaches the Talkyt with his smartphone, a Voice Bot opens and starts a conversation. This conversational artificial intelligence is capable of dialoguing in 21 languages, 24/7.


.//. is the first autonomous and decentralised ambient intelligence operator. No monopoly will be possible within this system in order to guarantee its fairness in the management of the generated values.

Organised as a distributed network since 2011, Olivier Cordoleani, one of the co-founders, orchestrates about fifty teleworkers and invents strategic solutions to serve the planet through the connected object, contactless, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain.


The .//. ecosystem is the sequel to a project awarded the grand jury prize DRACINOVE 2013.

This project is based on wams® : an Ambient Intelligence plateform, a bridge between brands’ physical products and the cloud. It enables distributed delivery of Voice DApp through a network of contactless activators. This top layer connects with an intelligent voice interface and the distributed networks of several blockchains.

The initial vision was to emancipate brands from GAFAM by offering them an alternative: a new offline social marketing network. In 2017, the maturity of Blockchain technology, convinced us that we should ally with GAFAM rather than try to compete with them.



Filtered by the high layer of the WAMS distributed network and then that of the blockchain distributed networks, the low layer of the GAFAM Web can no longer associate a personal or financial data with its physical owner without his consent.
The GAFAM web remains the main channel for research, discovery of physical products, acquisition of prospects and first-time buyers, while the exchange of values is within .//. , designed to protect consumers.

Format of tokenization

The project has been in development since 2014 and we have assessed its current value at €10 million.
This value has been tokenized into 1 billion pre-mined .//. tokens.
10 Million .//. tokens are currently on private sale for €0.08

CONVERTIBLE ASSET of the Voice ecosystem

  • Symbol .//. – code name : (confidential)
  • TOTAL NUMBER OF TOKENS ISSUED: 1,000 M .//. POS (pre-mined/limited supply)
  • Private sale token price: €0.08 per token
  • Total number of tokens in private sale: 10 M.//.
  • Private sale incentives: 80% bonus on pre-sale rate (minimum quantity of 1 ETH/€1000 is required)
  • Donors who contribute €2,000 or more must provide an electronic copy of a photo ID for verification purposes.
  • Total number of tokens on sale for the pre-ICO: 140 M.//.
  • Public sale price: €0.32 per token
  • Total number of tokens on sale for the ICO: 160 M.//.
  • Total number of tokens put into circulation for the ecosystem incentive scheme: 300 M.//.
  • Exchange pair: .//. BTC – .//. ETH – .//. EUR – .//. WAVES .- .//. CHF – .//. $
  • Blockchain : WAVES
  • TXPS: >10,000/second
  • FINMA classification: Payment token


Blockchain: ETHEREUM – ERC 721 & 1155 or Bitcoin – RGB or FLOW (under study)

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